The start-up company introduced electric cars that run more than 1,200km before needing to be charged

 Overland-E company has officially introduced Generation 2 (Gen2), a purely electric off-road vehicle, with the ability to travel 1,207 km after each fully charged battery.

The start-up company introduced electric vehicles that run more than 1,200km before needing to be charged - 1

The car is designed with 2 seats (Photo: Overland-E)

As planned, the Gen2 model will have two versions; one is a civil vehicle, with a more eye-catching design, and another is an almost specialized vehicle, consisting of only basic equipment, mainly for off-road, with the ability to run in the desert. Both versions will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

The electric motor and supplier are unknown at this time, but the first generation car - the MK1 uses the chassis and engine of the Volkswagen Beetle. Since then, the new company has released the second generation, named Gen2.

The start-up company introduces electric vehicles that run more than 1,200km before needing to be charged - 2

The car has a rear box like a pickup (Photo: Overland-E).

"We're very interested in providing vehicles for forces like the military, or racing, especially in the US, where I see off-road racing, desert racing very popular," CEO Arron Rawding of Overland-E said. “Having access to cutting-edge electric vehicle technology is critical to ensuring Overland-E becomes a sustainable green business that prepares for a future where traditional fossil fuel vehicles will banned from 2030".

The company currently has financial backing from Pario Ventures, a venture capital fund in London, New York, and Brussels that has invested in many electric vehicle manufacturers, such as Rivian, Sono Motors, Atlis Motor Vehicles, and more.

"It's been exciting to see them move forward. Gen2 vehicles are inspired by the VW bug car, but everything in life moves and we have to adapt," said David Murray-Hundley, CEO. of Pario Ventures said.

Overland-E is expected to begin production of the Gen2 model in June 2023 in both the UK and US. The company is calling for more investors in a collective fundraising campaign.

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