The first official images of the electric BMW i7

 The first official images of the BMW i7 electric car This luxury electric sedan will be officially launched in April, competing in the same segment with Mercedes-Benz EQS.

The first official images of the electric BMW i7 - 1

The large but narrowly horizontal grille is a recently used design style of the German luxury car company (Photo: BMW).

The BMW i7 will be launched in April alongside the new generation 7-series models.

In terms of design, the most noticeable thing is the luminous grille that occupies the entire nose of the car. On either side of the grille are two very slim, crystal LED strips, along with a pair of headlights below. This is the design that appeared on the test cars in tight camouflage. The air vents below are also large, while the air vents on the sides of the front bumper are very thin.

BMW describes the i7 as the world's first pure electric luxury sedan. This is true, as its biggest rival the Mercedes-Benz EQS has a rear hatchback design.

In addition to the front-end image, BMW has also revealed a rather blurry cabin photo. Of particular note is the super-wide screen BMW Theater Screen with a size of 31 inches (32: 9 model) serving people in the back seat. This design is different from the 56-inch Hyperscreen screen installed on the dashboard of the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Thus, it can be understood that BMW focuses more on the people in the back seat.

The first official images of the electric BMW i7 - 2

When not in use, it can be folded up on the ceiling (Photo: BMW).

The BMW Theater Screen is not a "privilege" for the i7; BMW has confirmed that it will be used on its highest-end models.

Other notable interior details include: a curved screen on the dashboard along with the latest iDrive information and entertainment system, the BMW Interaction Bar. The interactive bar takes the form of a new strip of lights and controls located on the dashboard and doors.

The first official images of the electric BMW i7 - 3

The dashboard seems to be designed in a minimalist but modern style (Photo: BMW).

The BMW i7 will also be equipped with Sky Lounge panoramic glass sunroof with LED lighting system, working in coordination with the BMW Theater Screen.

Finally, the driver can use the all-new "My Modes" feature to select different driving modes, and change the color of the interior lights to follow.

The German automaker is still hiding details related to the engine, but revealed the mobility and power consumption of the BMW i7. Accordingly, the car can run 580-610km according to WLTP standards in Europe, but only 491km according to US EPA standards. Power consumption according to the WLTP standard will be 19.7-18.9 kWh/100 km, lower than the published estimate during the vehicle's development period (22.5-19.5 kWh/100 km).

According to some sources, the BMW i7 will use a 120 kWh battery pack, while the high-performance version is expected to use up to 3 electric motors, for a combined capacity of up to 740 horsepower (552 kW).

According to Autocar magazine, the BMW i7 along with the new generation 7-Series will be launched on April 20.

Some pictures of the car when it is covered with camouflage:

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