Take a look at 3 technology "assistants" to help you work more efficiently and productively


Điểm danh 3 “trợ thủ” công nghệ giúp làm việc hiệu quả và năng suất hơn

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Leveraging technology to facilitate the work experience is a great solution to help rebalance energy, thereby improving productivity and maintaining excitement in the workplace. Here are some useful hi-tech accessories for you.

Smart watch

Besides health monitoring and exercise support, the smartwatch is also a multi-functional assistant worth investing in at work. Among them, keeping you updated with all the important notifications without having to find and open your phone is the top favorite feature. Whether you're on the road or attending a meeting, just look at your wrist and you'll know who the call is from, any urgent messages/emails that need a response, or what's next.

In addition, some outstanding smartwatch lines such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Apple Watch Series 5,6,7 also support some useful features for office life such as: Effective time management with Pomodoro or reminders Get active after sitting too long with Inactive/Sedentary Reminder.

Wireless headphones

Ensuring sound quality when meeting online or enabling hands-free calling are common applications of wireless headsets. However, this device is also a great assistant to help you improve focus, thereby improving work productivity by 43%, according to a recent survey by Teleco.

Điểm danh 3 “trợ thủ” công nghệ giúp làm việc hiệu quả và năng suất hơn - Ảnh 1.

Compared to its predecessors, Galaxy Buds Live possesses many outstanding improvements in both technology and design

Quality and technology are two important factors when choosing to buy wireless headphones. The "steals" of the two empires Apple and Samsung such as AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds Pro, will be bright proposals in this area. Besides the trendy design, active noise cancellation technology (ANC - Active Noise Cancellation) has now been developed and applied quite well on these product lines. As a result, they provide the ultimate soundproofing experience, while delivering a deeper and more dynamic tone.

Multi-port fast charging cup

Keeping a "life source" for electronic devices such as computers, phones, and headphones is an essential need of office workers. At the same time, we often encounter some common inconveniences such as: Need to charge quickly, but the number of sockets is limited, each device requires a different charger, making the work area messy and cumbersome. . If you are also struggling with the above problems, this will be a savior for you: The fast charging cup combines many ports.

Điểm danh 3 “trợ thủ” công nghệ giúp làm việc hiệu quả và năng suất hơn - Ảnh 2.

Innostyle Gomax Pro 80W Charger

This product provides three common types of ports including type A, C and QC (Quick Charge - fast charging), compatible with most products such as phones, wireless headphones and smart watches, especially Apple ecosystem. With a capacity of 65 - 120W, integrating many ports on just one charger, this device will support you to quickly charge and multiple devices at the same time without taking up space or losing the beauty of space.

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