Electric car owners "fire" because they were charged a battery charge of up to $ 600,000

 The owner of a Tesla electric car in China was "fired" because he was charged up to $ 600,000, after using the service at a Tesla fast charging station.

Tesla's Supercharger charging stations allow vehicle owners to charge batteries with capacities ranging from 72kW, 150kW to 250kW. Tesla Model S and Model X users ordered before January 15, 2017 or between August 2, 2019 and May 26, 2020 will receive free, unlimited use of the full Supercharger charging station. life.

Model S and Model X vehicles ordered between January 15, 2017 and November 2, 2018 will receive a free 400 kWh/year Supercharger charging station (equivalent to 1,600km).

However, from December 2016, Tesla vehicles that use the Supercharger charging station for more than 5 minutes and when the maximum free charge is reached will be charged an additional fee. These fees may vary by country. This charge will help Tesla to expand and deploy more Supercharger charging stations globally, and will force Tesla car owners to quickly leave the charging station to make room for other cars.

The car owner "fired" when he was charged more than 3.8 million yuan after the charge on February 27 (Photo: QQ).

Recently, the owner of a Tesla in China fell into a "bad cry, bad laugh" situation when using Tesla's Supercharger charging station. Accordingly, after plugging in the charger for a short time, this person was charged a fee of up to 3,846,306 yuan, equivalent to 600,000 USD.

According to the owner of this Tesla, he drove the Tesla 3 to a Supercharger charging station and charged the battery for 20 minutes before leaving. However, the next day, when using the Supercharger charging station, he was denied service because he had not paid the fee of 3,846,306 yuan on the previous charge.

This person immediately called a Tesla dealer in China and received a response that this was a software bug and that the technical staff was currently working to fix it.

This is not the first time something has happened with Tesla's Supercharger charging station. In March last year, the owner of a Tesla 3 in Pinellas Park city (Florida state, USA) also fell into a "bad cry, bad laugh" situation because he couldn't unplug the cable after plugging in the charger, even though it was plugged in. try different ways.

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