After plugging in the charger for less than half an hour, Tesla car owners "blanched" when they saw the number on the bill

 Recently, a Tesla owner in China had a very rare incident after plugging in the charger at Tesla's public charging post. This car owner said that on February 27, he plugged in the charger for about 20 minutes at Tesla's Supercharger charging station.

After charging for a while, the owner of this car received an invoice of up to 3,846,306 yuan, ie 608,500 USD (nearly 14 billion dong). At the same time, the car owner has also been banned by the system from using these charging stations.

Tesla's system then recorded that his Tesla Model 3 had traveled 2,285km and used 1,923,720 kWh of electricity on the same day. After the incident happened and appeared on social networks, there were estimates that with the above fee and electricity usage parameters, the car owner could charge and re-charge the 2020 Tesla Model 3. more than 32,000 times.

In fact, what the owner of the Tesla above encountered came from a software error of the Tesla system. It is known that after the incident happened, Tesla employees contacted and fixed; However, the specific reason as well as other cases of encountering similar situations were not mentioned by Tesla.

Currently, Tesla is not the only car company in the world that applies charging and payment services by phone, can take more examples of other companies such as Mercedes. With the me Charge service, users can search for the nearest charging station in a system of more than 350,000 charging points associated with the German automaker.

Like Tesla, the me Charge service also allows payments through the company's phone application or through the car's MBUX entertainment system. The reference price when Mercedes users join the IONITY service package, they will be charged with a preferential fee - €0.29/kWh (equivalent to about VND 7,300/kWh).

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