8 questions to answer first to find the right security camera

 Keeping your family safe is always a top concern. Now with the help of technology, we have more options to protect our living space.

Those are camcorders that can connect to your home Wi-Fi network to send alerts, video clips and images directly to your phone and let you monitor even two-way talk live everything. from far away. But how to choose the right home security camera? Answer the questions below to find the ideal camera for your family.

What are your family needs?

Currently on the market there are many types of cameras with different models, functions and prices. The cost for a camera ranges from a few hundred thousand dong to several million dong.

With basic needs such as observing the indoor and outdoor spaces, observing the rooms of small children or the elderly, low-cost cameras with medium resolution (1MP - 2MP) were able to provide You image just enough to capture the situation of the day.

When you need sharper and more detailed images (2MP or more), the device is equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) to assist in detecting people, pets, or traffic, and assist Support interaction with objects on the other side of the lens (notifications, alerts, 2-way conversations) to easily take care of children, the elderly or pets… you need high-end equipment with a price close to millions to ensure that needs are properly satisfied.

C6 is equipped with a resolution of up to 4MP, built-in AI to detect people and animals intelligently, detect abnormal sounds and 2-way talk function.

Indoor or outdoor camera?

Depending on whether the viewing area is inside or outside the house, you have completely different options.

The most popular outdoor cameras today are the outdoor scanning camera (usually round) that provides a 360-degree field of view or the bullet camera (which has an elongated shape, looks like a bullet) that provides a long-range vision for many families. choice when installing outside the house.

While for indoor surveillance, families are tending to use indoor scanning cameras with compact shape, quick installation with 2 steps of electricity and Wi-Fi connection.

After assessing the area you need to track most accurately, the target distance and the area, you can choose a monitoring machine that has the visibility you desire.

When you want to observe people or pets around the house, prioritize cameras with a 360-degree field of view, AI detection of people and pets. Image: camera C8PF

What is the camera resolution you want?

The resolution of the current camera lines is from 1MP to 4MP, depending on your needs you can choose a camera with the corresponding resolution. If you just need to observe the action, then it doesn't matter too much to the high resolution, the camera at 1MP to 2MP almost meets the daily observation. But if, by nature, you need to observe details with high precision such as letters and numbers from a distance, a 4MP camera can meet your expectations well.

Are you interested in the night vision feature?

If you need night vision, you can choose a camera with infrared (IR) LEDs. These products help you to see activities at night more clearly.

For example, the EZVIZ brand has launched many night vision products that even provide full color images despite low light conditions or the absence of even the slightest light source. EZVIZ cameras provide 3 night recording modes: black and white recording, continuous color recording and intelligent color recording (recording only when there is motion).

What are the characteristics of your living area?

The area you live in has good or bad weather conditions, whether the intended installation location is covered or not directly affects the durability of the outdoor camera. Therefore, it is also advisable to consider the camera's water and dust resistance index based on the area of ​​​​your house to ensure that the device can operate stably and for a long time.

Currently, outdoor cameras have an IP rating (water and dust resistance index) that ranges from IP65 to IP67.

How much time are you willing to spend?

This is an extremely practical question because most modern families do not have much time or knowledge to install high-tech products in a complicated way. If you're new to security cameras, look for a product that's easy to install, manage, and use.

Are you interested in camera brand?

User psychology is always choosing a place to sell goods with cheap price, but sometimes this also affects the quality of the product.

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